Negotiation Through Confident Body Language

Negotiation Through Confident Body Language - student project

How can we master the art of negotiation if we haven't mastered our own body language skills? That is why for your project you must work on your body language. Stand in front of a mirror (I know it feels weird!) and pull your shoulders back, feel how your chest naturally rises. Now, feel how confident and powerful you feel. Then, slowly, begin dropping your shoulders 1mm at a time. Notice at which point you feel you've lost that strong energy and confidence. Well, it didn't take much did it?! That's because the difference between being seen as confident, and feeling confident is only a few millimeters difference! Practice this in your normal daily activities. Brushing your teeth, eating, speaking with others. Soon you will stop having to consciously tell your body to stand or sit confidently and you will automatically start projecting confidence! 


This is the first step of mastering the art of Negotiation and your first task is to practice this until it becomes AUTOMATIC!!! 

Good luck!

Krystal Kelly
Travel & Equestrian Coach