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Negative Space Leaves

[2/29/16] So excited Ana is offering a second class. I loved her first one and I'm having so much fun learning in this class and challenging my creativity! So far, this class has taken me outside of my comfort zone by drawing the leaves. I loved the Negative Space project and thinking of doing additional pieces to practice precision. This piece below is 4X6 on 90lb watercolor paper (didn't realize it when i bought it) so it warped a little. I used there different colors of Winsor and Newton Cotman tube watercolors and mixed them together.


[3/31/16] Next project was really fun! Below are pictures of my watercolor wash of my clouds. Some of my water is pulling so I think I'm using too much? Or maybe my paper isn't thick enough? I seem to be having problems with the wash not staying consistent to it's color.


The second part of the project was adding the "clouds"! This was a lot of fun but realized (after watching Ana's video again) that i used way too much white and didn't water it down enough. You can barely see the color thru the white. For the white, I used Dr. Ph Martin's Bleed Proof White! I love this white! I'm looking forward to the last project... just need to think of a quote!


[5/31/16] Let me just tell you that it's easier said than done. Creating a realistic galaxy is tough. For this project below I painted the planets first. I wrote out the words and used masking fluid to the text and I used the negative space for the calligraphy. Out of the 2 I like the negative space technique the best. I feel that I get more accurate lines with it and it looks nicer.


I was lucky enough to take a LIVE class with Ana. She's the greatest! I decided to create the solar system and was able to finish most of the project during the class. The only thing left to do once I came home was to put the lettering on each planet. Was feeling really good about it until I realized that I had Jupiter and Saturn in the wrong order! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! At least my 6 year old thinks I'm the greatest for creating this. It now lives in his room! :)


This is a class that I can see myself taking over and over again. This technique definetly takes practice. Ana is a natural.


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