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Rachita Saraogi

Newly Found Passion for Watercolor



Negative Space Exercise


I finally got done with the negative space exercise. I must say your classes are an absolute delight Ana, and I cannot wait for the lettering class :)

Here is the outline I made:


I was watching the third Harry Potter film and was inspired by Lupin :p

I chose red and purple and as soon as I started doing this, I realized how much patience this requires. I think I started with not taking enough water so it looks more architectonic than gradual. Once it dried, I tried the three different erasers as seen in pic, but I couldn't erase the pencil lines at all. Any ideas? Maybe I started with really dark outline? 


Also, did try erasing a bit sooner, but smudged the paint in some places.

Here is the final:


I think I might go back in and add a thick black outline. It was overall a really fun exercise and i hope to keep improving. 


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