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Negative Space Belly Mark/Animal Sloth Mark

Negative Space Belly Mark

Above is the picture I decided to make my mark from. I figured the hands would create good, visible negative space against the belly. Below is my sketch that I used.


I used a bunch of ellipses and tried my best to space them equally to make the fingers as similar as possible.


Finished versions:

I did't really know which I'd rather, but I'm happy with both. I was having some trouble with the belly button (leave it? keep it? what shape?), but this is what I left it as.

I'd be happy to hear what you guys think.


Animal Mark

I decided to choose a sloth for my animal mark. The image that I went with is pictured below:

To begin my thinking, the first thing I noticed is that the sloth makes almost a perfect half-circle with the outside of his body, so I began my planning there.

I ultimately decided to start with circles that had a common tangential point and go from there. Rather than use the Pen Tool to begin, I figured it'd be better for me to conceptualize with circles, since they'd be so prevalent in the design.

I rotated the circles to bring the head lower and got rid of lines I didn't need, along with adding the branch in there.

Played around with the arms a bunch before coming to this set up, then played with colors to try and create more depth.

Finally, I went through and finished the colors/shading and I'm fairly happy with the result. I haven't tidied up the curves yet or done any gridding, but this is for the most part the finished product.

I'm not crazy about the face, but I simplified it as much as I could without ruining the minimalist feel of it. The only other thing that is bugging me is the arm that's behind the branch and how it and the other arm's shadow are the same thing.

Anyway, that's what I came up with. Any feedback is much appreciated!


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