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Patrick Lee

CEO & Founder of Nefrin Apparel



Nefrin Apparel

The Fall of 2012 is when my life changed forever. Last year, one of my good friends introduced me to CrossFit.  I fell in love with the raw physical and mental battle of attrition that the brand of fitness had to offer.  I wanted as much as I could get and then some.  But above all else, it was the community and overall culture that hooked me the most.

As I immersed myself deeper into this new brand of fitness, the more I saw the various designs that were circulating throughout the marketplace, the more they irritated me and the more I dreamed. That's when I decided to take matters into my own hands by creating a fitness apparel company to introduce aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and functional apparel to an ever-growing community of not only CrossFit athletes, but for athletes of any sport or training regimen that are ready to unleash their "NATURAL GO." 

It was imperative to come up with an inventive, attractive company name that would appropriately brand the clothing I envisioned. I arrived at adrenaline, the natural chemical our body produces in that "fight or flight" situation, pushing us beyond our perceived limits. Going one step further, we manipulated the scientific name for adrenaline, epinephrine. After some deliberation, our company name was born - Nefrin Apparel. Our company slogan represents the primary objective that we have for anyone wearing our apparel, which is to give them "that NATURAL GO."

Just as I had with the company name, I envisioned an attractive, eye-catching logo that would universally encompass the essence of fitness. I sought the image of a recognizable icon that athletes around the world could quickly recognize and empathize with.  After some thought, I was lured in by the kettlebell, an instrument widely used by athletes around the globe. But of course, we had to add our own flavor and twist to it. As a result, we began tinkering with different ideas. After many renderings and manipulations, our final logo turned out to be everything I had dreamt of that the Nefrin brand could be proudly represented by.

Our official logo is thicker, bolder and more distinguished than the commonly known image of a kettlebell. The different segments of the logo all represent various aspects of life. The handle represents control and discipline. The body, round, embodies the circular nature of our lives. And finally, the triangle, residing within the body, represents heart and the drive, which are undoubtedly necessary components for success. Together, as a unified singular unit, the Nefrin logo stands for the notion that we control so much more in life than we think.  Let's make sure we seize that power each day with our NATURAL GO.

-Nefrin Apparel

Here are a few designs we have thought up in the #NEFlab over the past few weeks.

Our "Master Logo" T design.

A more "street" inspired design, the "NFR" T design.

The "bullet bumper plate" T design inspired by one of our designer's military background.

The "3hundred60five20four7" T. Designed around the use of a bright, vibrant T shirt color.

"Party hard WOD harder" T. 

Printed on the inside of everyone of our Tshirts, our custom shirt tag.


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