Needtobreathe - student project


I'm Beth and I'm a recent architecture graduate living in the Washington DC area.

For my project I'm working on a poster for Needtobreathe.

Poster Specs:
The Drive All Night Tour 2013
with Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors
Thursday, May 9, 2013
Doors open: 6pm

I'm going to this show this spring and really excited to.  Needtobreathe's music is southern rock with a lot of soul and blues.  The groups is a pair of brothers and two other guys.  I've been listening them for years now.  They have their own unique style that I really enjoy

A lot of gig posters I have see for Needtobreathe all stay close to showing some kind of imagery of the name. Either something underwater or trying to breathe. Because of that I tried to stay away from that. 

A lot to my thoughts when to the idea of driving or the night sky.  A lot of the time I put their music on when I driving.  I can just imagine a simple illustrated vintage truck driving.  Either that or focusing on the dashboard of a car. Thinking about the night sky, one of the ideas I had was to do a simple juxtaposition of the moon and some stars and then simple text at the bottom or drawing their name up in the stars.

So far I only have three very basic sketches.  Just kind of outlining what could be options there are. I haven't really figured out a color scheme, but I know I want a darker poster that would fit with the bands image. 

Band site:

Here are their previous album covers:

Needtobreathe - image 1 - student project Needtobreathe - image 2 - student project Needtobreathe - image 3 - student project Needtobreathe - image 4 - student project

Needtobreathe - image 5 - student projectNeedtobreathe - image 6 - student projectNeedtobreathe - image 7 - student project