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Needs More Cowbell...

Hi Everyone!

I'm Noel, the class instructor, and I wanted to post an example of some of the principles you will learn in the class.

In the class we take a traditionally drawn sketch and isolate the pencil lines onto a clean layer in Photoshop.


We go over how to add base colors to the image:


We take advantage of layers in Photoshop to add shadows, highlights, and texture to our image:


The most fun aspect of the project (in my opinion) is adding color to the pencil lines.  It really propels your drawing to the next level of quality!


And finally, we add a background image to tie our illustration together!


I hope you enjoy the example images provided, and please feel free to add your own elements to the drawings or post an original idea!  I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with, and please share your ideas with the Skillshare community so we can all grow as artists.

 Keep on creating,




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