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Need to Know? Five Steps to Finding & Learning Anything. Step 1: Ask It Right!

As an experienced information researcher and librarian, I have helped many people from executives to college students to find reliable information quickly.  Now I want to share the tips and tools of the trade to the larger audience online.  With information easily available online, finding reliable answers is still tricky.  So let me show you some tricks!

Class title:  Need to Know?  Five Steps to Finding & Learning Anything.  Step 1

Class description:  To find reliable information quickly in today's glut of websites, it takes a few tricks.  The thinking process and approaches you will learn can save you time and help you avoid using the wrong information.  Step 1 will help you create good questions, with keywords that exactly find what you need.  

Project title:  Learn How to do Step 1: Ask it Right!

Project description: You goal is to create the right, targeted question that will solve the following problem:

Scenario:  Imagine you have gone on a business trip, out-of-state, but have an afternoon free to visit your Aunt Rose, who lives there. You call her the day before from your hotel and ask if she has time for an afternoon visit and she says yes. Then you say, “Do you know anywhere we can go?” She says, “Oh, I don’t care, honey, you pick something.”

For the fun of it, pick any city you want to go to and any activity you like doing.  

Deliverables: Post the answers to these questions as they are completed.

  • Part 1 Post the question have starting out.
  • Then, think about the specifics and revise it to be as focused as possible.  
  • Then, ttry the question out on a family member or friend and have them answer for your area. Did you get an answer you can use? 
  • Try the question out in Google and see what you find for your area. Did you get an answer you can use?
  • Does anything surprise you about the results?  

A link to your video lesson outline.     

Your introduction video.  Ready.

A link to your final published class.


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