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Candice Boutelle

Designer, mom, coffee roaster extraordinaire



Need some feedback! Please help:)

Earlier this year, I opened an Etsy shop to begin selling some baby bibs I had started making for my daughter. In the past, I had made alot of paper goods such as invitations and digital wall art and planned to make more to put in my etsy shop. I ended up creating a cute t-shirt that I was screen printing for myself (my husband and I also own a coffee roasting business) and the feedback and demand through my instagram was immediate. In response to it, a friend showed the shirts to the owner of the boutique where she worked and the store made an order for them. I quickly threw together my brand using the logo and name I had already established: One+One Designs. While I was happy with the overall look, I didn't feel that it was representing me any longer as a designer. I knew my brand needed an overhaul and while I am happy with the direction it is leading, the entire time Faye talks about the right name, I had a nagging feeling mine was not it. Understandably, I am hesitant to change the name of my business because of all the work it will entail to do so. So here is where you come in! I would LOVE honest feedback on the idea of a new name. Please see the visuals and brand mission below and let me know what you think! Thanks so much!

Here is the moodboard targeting my customer:


Here are a few of the answers from the questionnaire:

What do I sell? 4 words or less?

Lifestyle goods, handmade element

What is the price range of my products?


What 3 words best describe me?

Sharp, creative, charming

What 3 words best describe my business?

stylish, pretty, charming

What 3 words best describe my style?

stylish, comfortable, patterned

What are my favorite brands and why?


Better Homes and Gardens: Floral mixture, lots of color and light

Ann Taylor Loft: Modern and classic

What is my customers emotional response to my brand and the brand experience?

At home feeling. Helping them to piece together the life they want

I'm skipping the brand name for now and instead want to tell you about my mission:

I create stylish, pretty, charming designs incorporating handmade elements. I make lifestyle goods for a woman who’s home is her sanctuary. I aim to empower, connect, & uplift others through beautiful goods.

Here is what I had come up with for a brand guide:


And lastly, please let me explain where I hope to go with my brand, I want to combine some element of hand made such as hand lettering or painted texture with digital designing such as fonts or digital patterns. I also want to bring in an element of modernity and natural textures as you'll see below by my last few instagram posts.


Update 12/14/16

I got really stuck on this for a really long time. I still haven't had time to redevelop my brand but another name that popped into my head was "House on Oak" I am even still struggling to pinpoint what it is I want to make. My excitement for making bounces from project to project, so I'm trying to find a way to just bring it all together. Until then, here is what I came up with for my mission statement:

Decorating you and your space with whimsy, charm and pretty things.


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