Necromancy spellbook prop

Necromancy spellbook prop - student project


I made a spellbook for my dnd character who is a necromancer. I tried to figure out a good way to tie in his relationship with the raven queen, a death god he reluctantly follows. I started with  some in photoshop( which i had never used before and had to stuggle to try and learn as i went) and finished it in paint tool sai.

Necromancy spellbook prop - image 1 - student projectI started with some sketches of what i think my characters spellbook would keep in mind. He feels bound to the raven queen because of a deal his parents made for plot reasons, so i focused on a theme of talons grasping and restaining the book to mirror that reluctancy.

Necromancy spellbook prop - image 2 - student project

I then chose my favorite sketch and went on to shade that in black and white then use photoshop layers to get the colors i wanted. I rendered it a little bit in photoshop, but i couldn't get the brush to do what i wanted them to, so i switched over to paint tool sai which im more familiar with.

Necromancy spellbook prop - image 3 - student project

Then i did my best to render it

Necromancy spellbook prop - image 4 - student project

and lastly i messed around with some last minute stuff and finally finished.Necromancy spellbook prop - image 5 - student project