Near the Sea

Near the Sea - student project

Finally - found a way to paint abstracts! 

I work as an Illustrator and Surface Pattern designer - abstract art is not easy when you're more accustomed to designing greeting cards for specific occasions and being terribly neat.

After watching Gabriella's course on Abstract Art in one sitting, I cleared a space in my studio and made it ready to do battle with messy paint - starting with looking through sketchbooks and framing small pieces to see if I could use them in this project.

I found I couldn't use them at this point but it was interesting to see what my various scribblings had in common - mainly bright colour and mostly plants/florals in theme which are more to do with my pattern work.

The two paintings on the left only used 2 favourite colours and I just started to spread the paint around with a palette knife - attempting to 'make a set' - I quickly lost all sense of time, fear, focus and simply enjoyed the process.

After a cup of tea, I returned to the scene and began to add more colour and it seemed that everything started going wrong - muddy colours, far too much paint - but I wiped it off here and there and added more. Finally I reached a stage where I quite liked what I'd done - although I also like what is now sitting underneath and wished I'd photographed it to put in a new Etsy shop!

I still liked the paintings today, so with the help of my husband, put up the Ikea shelves in our bathroom and added the abstracts. Then I went down to Hobbycraft and bought more paint and canvas as I think I might be on an artistic roll!

I dread to think how much paint I'd need to make these into enormous pieces - so my plan moving forward is to concentrate on achieving a textured finish without buttering on the paint - the canvas is not a slice of bread!

While reflecting on this, I want to go back to the framed artwork in the first photo to the left underneath and enlarge it in a sketchbook - then produce a new painting from that. I might add it to the end of this project later.

Thanks so much for discussing many different examples of abstract paintings Gabriella - I found it very inspiring and hope to use some of these techniques within my pattern work in future.
Near the Sea - image 1 - student project