I really had fun taking this class and I learned alot.  I have the photoshop software but never really used it..I am new to the game.  

I will continue working on this project to make it look better. This is my first attempt.  I decided to use this picture because i liked the gelato colors. However since the background of the original picture is all white..i can see that the boarder gets lost. If the background of the picture had a different shade lets say like a light grey you would be able to see the white boarders arount the gelato picture part.  Also due to the fact that picture had an all white background, I had to fool around and take what we learned in this class and try to come up with something that would pop. This was great because I was able to learn more about photoshop and use features i had not used before. 




This is my 2nd attempt....here i changed the background of the gelato from white to a light grey now you can see the white boarders. 



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