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Course: “PR For Startups: The Basics”


Student: Silvia Bourdelande

Nayadoran Project



Instructor: Elliot Tomaeno

Founder at Astrsk PR


Formal pitch:

Nayadoran is a Spanish jeweller that specializes in fantasy designs cut on glass. Whether it is your favorite hero or a creature right off your imagination, Nayadoran will make it true. Delicately handcrafted, these designs are made to order and we guaranty exclusivity. Nayadoran recreates your dreams in glass.



Casual pitch:

Nayadran will make your dreams come true. You can have on glass any of your heroes. Toast with an elfic goblet, or drink beer in a World of Warcraft inspired stein. The choices are endless, unleash your imagination.


Communications Plan

Executive Summary

There are two stages to the plan.

The short term strategy: improve the digital image of the brand. Increase the presence of the brand online. Make the target audience familiar with the brand and the products.

The mid-term strategy: increase sales.



Situation Analysis

The product is free-hand cut over glass, every piece or set done by order only. The company so far works with steins, shot sets, glasses, goblets and pitchers. There currently is no competition for the product; there are companies developing that product at an industrial level, printing the images or cutting the glass with laser. The artisan process guaranties that the image will last.




The goal is to increase sales.




Objective 1: improve the digital presence of the brand. Objective 2: attract target audience to the brand and the product. Ideally, spread the word of mouth, give a reason to talk about the brand.

Objective 2: make the brand recognizable (hand cut glass – Nayadoran). Associate the concept of good quality with the brand.



Target Audience

Our market is so small that we can identify little demographic information.


Target Audience 1: 25 -35 male, high interest in videogame or fantasy products. They will buy the product as a practical object.


Target Audience 2: 20-35 female, with contact to fantasy industry. This group uses the products to decorate, or as a gift.


Target Audience 3 (ideal): 15-24 male /female, interested in videogames /fantasy. Student. Values the artisan products since it is something they don’t have access given their highly digitalized life.



Key Messages

The products are unique and exclusive.

The products are 100% hand made and high quality.

The designs adapts to the client’s request.




Strategy 1: to improve the digital presence of the brand a website  will be developed (owing the domaing and securing the hosting). So far, the artist has been working on blog platforms.


Strategy 2: Associate the the brand with quality. Extending the word of mouth from our clients to our future clients. They are the most important brand ambassadors.   Maintain a consistent brand throughout the social /digital media. By coordinating with the image we are projecting on the website, all the official social accounts will coordinate in image, content, message and engagement.




Tactic 1: Build website. Deadline: May 20, 2013. Budget: 100$/year.


Tactic 2: Coordinate social media accounts. Make them consistent and with content.  Deadline: May 20, 2013. Budget: N/A


Tactic 3: Create digital noise by improving digital presence. Deadline: July 2013. Budget:


Tactic 4 Spread network. Interact with other artisans and connect with target.  Deadline: July 2013. Budget:


Tactic 5: Increasing the presence of the brand online by being featured in media. Ideally, we will write articles, participate in events, organize contests, and be interesting to journalists. Deadline: September 2013. Budget: cost of venues, products given away, and inviting journalists/decision makers for a coffee. This budget has not been assessed yet.




$100.00 a year for the web hosting.

Unable to accurately identify any further costs.






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