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Fernanda Navilli

Graphic Designer



Navilli Famiglia

Hey there!

First of all, such an amazing class, I had so much fun and learned a lot :)

Now let's talk about my family - the Navilli's

A brief history: My grandmother and grandfather were two happy italians, living joyfully in south Italy - planting grapes and producing wine (wine was family exclusive accordingly to my auntie Ivone).

The days in Italy weren't that easy and they embarked in the great tropical adventure - BRAZIL! They came by boat - riding in a super small space amongst thousands of italians. What were they running of? Hunger, crisis and fear after the end of the second world war.

They settled down in Sao Paulo and started to work with grapes and roses, selling in a small market. 35 years later I was born, a true half brazilian, half italian, truly passionate by wine, gardening and food just like every legetimate Navilli.



I wish I had more time to sharpen the details and play along with the forms more but anyways I liked the result :)




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