Navigating Transitions in Health Care - work in progress

Key Beliefs:

Today's health care system is broken.  It is terrifying, expensive, confusing, and not patient-centric.

I want to help people navigate the health care systems as they go through transitions in their lives.  In particular, I want to focus on the aging population and their transition from independence to becoming more dependent on others.  In the marketplace, there are many helpful groups, products and services in existence today.  But, they are disparate and often hard to find and navigate.  I want to help caregivers, and those who are on this journey alone, learn how to find advocates in the system, and how to advocate for themselves and others.  I want to become a thought leader in simplifying the health care system from the perspective of each patient.

My goal is to help individuals have the best possible last years of their life.

What does a better future look like?

Imagine a world where when you are faced with a health-related transition in your life, you have a safe, trusted place to go to get information and advice that’s meaningful to you.  This could happen through multiple venues: house calls, a comforting place to go in person (a coffee and pie vibe), a live person to talk to on the phone (like Zappos), and the internet (like Patients Like Me and Angie’s List).

The goal is that people in these life-changing situations don’t feel alone, and don’t have to make decisions with limited information.

My first point of focus would be caregivers of people with dementia.


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