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Hi all. I recently graduated from University and am working as an Art Director at a small design studio in St. Louis. I dream of opening my own studio someday and am trying to learn all I can so that I can make this a reality. I would love feedback and truly want to GROW as a designer. My portfolio site is 


For class, I am working with an identity I recently began work on for a local botique called Nava Meria. More details about the studio can be found in the creative brief. 


When desiging the logo I set off to play with reflection and light, based on the Hebrew root of Nava Meria and also because of the emotions the owner wants to be evoked in her customer. Therefore the visual plays with opacity to abstratcly represent a window or mirror to play with the nature of light and reflection. 

Creative Brief

Mood Board

Color Palette

The color pattern is driven by the use of black and white, as the client requested. I agree with this choice because it helps communicate Nava Meria's name.  However, I decided to add secondary colors to further tell the story of the brand.

The purple tones will be used mainly with the branding of the owner's pure essential body oils. When using the oils, she wants her clients to feel a sense of royalty.  The pureness of the oils also convey the calming sense of nature. I chose the purple to convey these emotions. Based on color theory, pupurple represents several meanings including spirtuallity, royalty, meditative, power, and dignity. All these adjectives relate to the tone of Nava Meira. 

The silver tones help to represent the owner's artisan jewelry, which she makes from sterling silver. Based on color theory, silver communicates a sense of life, zeal, culture, class, and quality. These words additionaly add to the tone of the business. 


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