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Nautical Nonsense

Hey everyone! 

This will be my first time attempting to make a pattern. I'm really excited to try it out! I know a lot of things that I can apply this skill with in what I do (and let's be honest, it can totally make your work more fun).

My project is based off of the tropical sea, and creatures that can be commonly found in it. The ocean holds a very dear spot in my heart, and I love learning about marine life and everything that's beyond the surface of that big pretty blue body of water. Jellyfish have quickly become a favorite animal of mine, and they're already structured with an amazing design that I figured would be a lot of fun to incorporate in a pattern.

Along with that, other organisms in the water such as anemonones, seaweed, various fish, and even waves have a very interesting shape and look that I think would be fun to try and use in something like a pattern.

Something about the tropical seas that appeals so much is the contrast and vibrance in colors. I think it could add a lot without going to crazy on the look.

Excited for the next step!



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