Trey Ingram

Graphic Designer



Nauti-cool Textures

Hey guys,

Just recently I have created a screen-printing shop called Atlantic Ink Crew, and it focuses on providing quality, hand-crafted screen-printing for apparel, posters, pennants and more. I am in the beginning stages of branding for this company, and I must admit that I find myself very anxious to see where the journey leads. Here is the hand-drawn logo and a few designs that I made to give you an idea of the tone for this project. 

My main objective is to create a collection of textures that are all nautical-related. These will help when creating and refining the brand design elements like the ones above. It should provide that extra kick that makes you visually connect the designs to the nautical environment. In order to craft these textures, I will use my Nikon digital camera and venture out to local beaches, boardwalks and marinas. 

Here is my Creative Brief:

I hope to scout and discover texture elements such as:

Beach sand  •  Driftwood  •  Rope  •  Rusted Anchor  •  Barnacles  •  Nautical Flags

Canvas/Sail cloth  •  Old Nautical Charts/Maps  •  Water droplets  

Here are a few screen grabs from brush sets on Creative Market as inspiration:

I went to the local marina and Jacksonville beach this past week, and was able to capture some great textures. I am going to work on refining them and will upload visuals soon.


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