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Nature's Trail


The inspiration for this project came very naturally to me. I often walk home from work, which takes about an hour to do, some times in the twilight but mostly in the light of day. I'm incredible lucky to be able to walk alongside the Winnall Moors on my way home, a nature reserve - a swampy meadow. I've grown up along side this magical and peaceful place, it felt very natural to reflect on this space for this project.


On one of my commutes home I was lurde in by this branch - the photo doesn't do it a great justice but the whole thing was covered in this illuminating fungi all over it. After uploading and picking colours out from this image, I came across this moomin book and a tin of flapjacks with similar colours to it so naturally I bought them - purely for research... obviously.... hee hee!

Horse Chestnut Leaves


I did adapt the colours for this pattern based on another photo (which I can't find anymore) A photo I took of a pile of Horse Chestnut Leaves on the ground in a pile - I picked out these colours and took some of the leaves home to draw. As you can see through out all my patterns - there is some type of movement - for this one I tried to capture the spiraling leaves falling in autumn - imagining the journey of the leaves I had found on the ground.

Clutsers of Wrens


Another day I was walking along the moors and I could here a high pitch of bird calls from a nest - I climbed a tree opposite and could see all these little wren's in a nest calling out for their mother. I didn't stay long but I tried to replicate my minds image of these birds.

Silver Birch Leaves


This pattern is similar to the Horse Chestnut pattern but harsher in colour and formation. I found a branch of Silver Birch Leaves on the ground, surrounded by a scattering of paperly birch seeds - I collected what I could - the evening before was stormy and I tried to capture a stormy evening in this print. Also (as before) the journey this branch took during the storm.



On a cheerier note I also created a poppy pattern! based from photographs I drew onto paper, scanned it in then used the watcom tablet (same applies to the Horse Chestnut - the others are live trace from hand drawings). I wanted to capture the joy and happiness of poppies - I drew the flowers at different angles - to capture the idea of movement -so to me these are dancing poppies! I've adapted the colour pallet's oranges to pinks and yellows and turned the blues into greene - so they colours ring more a like that of poppies.


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