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Ruth Shilling

Communication Assistant at Vineyard



Nature's Picnic

I'm looking at nature's side during a picnic. So often the images of people are used, but in my experience, I feel as though nature takes the promenent role when we're outside. I loved the textures and simplicity of most of these pictures. The idea that what we leave behind - crumbs or stickiness from a spilled drink becomes food for nature.

I had fun playing with Illustrator today and started getting some images. I'm not much of an artist, so much of what I'll do will be geometric. I love the cats MoJo had in one of the videos, I had to make some of my own. It was fun practice, but I don't think they'll be invited to my picnic.

Here's the website for my Pinterest board. It has too many items to do a screenshot.


I'm playing with layers today and using the pictures I've created. Here are my background and ant layers.

...and the rest of my layers. The star in the middle when I was playing with the clipping mask and some geometric shapes. I am very much aware that it does not fit the theme or design, but it was fun to create with the layers.


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