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Nature's First Green is Gold

Update 9/28/15

Well I have a few final drafts. Really enjoyed the process of creating this. I ended up doing my finals on some small postcards I had hanging around the house, and LOVED how smooth they were and how easy it was to write on them. I was amazed at the results with just a little bit of practice, and now I'm excited to do more, because I know I have a long way to go! What a perfect way to spend naptimes!

Lessons learned so far:

1. Good materials make a difference. My practice paper was rougher than I thought it would be, so it was hard to get smooth lines. Once I wrote on the notecards it felt completely different, and much simpler.

2. Pencil and Erasers are magical! If I try to freehand with the nib, I end up writing everything smaller than I intend. But if I rough it out with a pencil first it's much easier to continue writing on the scale I planned. 

3. I can do it! I seriously didn't think it was possible when I started that I would create something I really loved. Didn't like my handwriting, didn't feel confident in using the tools, etc. But I am indeed pleased with my results and excited to keep playing. Still want to improve the amount of contrast between the thicks and thins, and want to play with different styles.  Super fun! 

OK, on to the pictures. =)

Here's some practice I did on an index card:


And here's a few of the finished notecards:

version 1:


version 2:


version 3:


Update 9/23/15

Landed on "Nature's first green is gold" for my quote. I think there's more to play with in the letters themselves, and it's a little more hopeful than "Nothing gold can stay." Really scientific decision making process, huh!?

I'm a lefty - so figuring out how to get the same lines, angles, and shapes has been a bit of a challenge. Also learning to think about different varriations of how to write each letter. I tend to just default to the "normal" way of making each letter and have to be intentional about experimenting with how each letter gets formed. 

Here are some practice pics and sketches:


It's fun to play with layout and how the letters might interact with each other. 


So far this one is my favorite.


Rough practice. =)


I think for I want to write a line from Robert Frost's poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" for this project, but I can't decide which line yet. I'm torn between the first and last lines of the poem:

  • Nature's first green is gold - OR - 
  • Nothing gold can stay

Ultimately I probably want to do the whole thing, but that might be outside the scope of this class, especially since I'm brand new at this! New momma in need of creative outlet, here. 

Anyway, I love the poem - to me it speaks about beauty and change, and how the most precious things should be savored because they're so temporary. This is the first (read: only) poem I memorized as a kid, and it also perfectly describes the contrasting delight and grief I felt after the birth of my son - I wanted SO badly to stop time and hang on to the precious newborn minutes and hours, and every minute seemed to go by too quickly. So this is a special one to me - I hope I can do it justice!

Nothing Gold Can Stay - Robert Frost

Nature’s first green is gold, / Her hardest hue to hold. / Her early leaf’s a flower; / But only so an hour. / Then leaf subsides to leaf. / So Eden sank to grief, / So dawn goes down to day. / Nothing gold can stay.


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