Nature in Gouache

Nature in Gouache - student project

Nature in Gouache - image 1 - student projectNature in Gouache - image 2 - student projectNature in Gouache - image 3 - student projectNature in Gouache - image 4 - student projectNature in Gouache - image 5 - student projectNature in Gouache - image 6 - student projectNature in Gouache - image 7 - student projectNature in Gouache - image 8 - student projectContinuing to work on more Gouache patterns...this time with a black background.  Actually painted the background a dark blue but that didn't look great so changed to black.  I, like you love turquoise and find it striking  with a black background.  Wasn't as careful painting each element as I treated this one more of an experiment with black.    I chose a palette from an image that had sooo many colours in it...originally I included 2 of the purples too but I took them out as it was really too much!  Great to try though as I learn by doing :).  I used the Acryla gouache which I quite like.  Frustrating though with some colours that are more translucent like the Rose and the Navy.  I love the opaqueness of gouache.  The leaves are all off the trees  now here so I traced the shapes of the 3 separate leaves from real oak leaves..all unique to themselves :).  Thanks again for these classes...really has set me in a nice direction where I can really enjoy the process.


I think this last submission of 3 photos might have been better posted in your other class Kate as it is further work towards a full picture.  I am practicing floral painting trying to make my lines smoother etc.  Saw the cover for mixed media pad of paper and thought I would try out Toned Tan coloured paper like the photo...similar colour palette too...I added navy blue and bright green to my original palette.   Enjoyed putting together the scene...I know my birds and butterflies need more detail and perhaps need to be stronger colours...will continue working on that!  Thanks again!  Will try black paper next!!



Really enjoying working on patterns in gouache...second class with Kate!  Thanks so much.  I loved working on pattern testers...usually I feel good with my painting at the outset before adding pattern, then ultimately stress to even get started with pattern.  This exercise was very freeing...will do lots more!  Brilliant idea to build up a little 'encylopedia' in my journal of patterns!! I struggle with making fine lines and nice circles and dots...I guess I need to practice a #4 brush and found it really nice.  Thanks for the lovely class.