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Nature does not hurry, yet everything gets accomplished.

Hello everyone. This is my first time participating in a class project. I hope you will like my proccess and the result. Also, excuse me if I make mistakes, as I'm from baguette land.

I. My Chosen Phrase

I chose a sentence from the wise Lao Tsu : Nature does not hurry, yet everything gets acccomplished.

This has many levels of understandings, and one of them applies to me in the exercice of calligraphy, as I cannot produce a good result when I'm restless or too excited.

In order to get good results, I always have to be relaxed and take my time. This is actually the fastest way to get the result I was looking for.

II. My Pencil Sketch

I did some pencil sketch to get the styles of the letters I had in mind. I wanted something soft and a bit curly.

As you can see, I didn't write in straight lines. I wanted the reader to actually take his time reading the sentence, and writing in soft curves help me achieve this.

After the first sketchs, I started some tests with ink to see where I had to apply pressures. I found that to get the N i wanted, I actually had to do it backwards to be able to put pressure on the 1st and 3rd strokes. I also tired different curves.

Once i Was confident, I made my final piece.

Bisous !


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