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Lindsey Ayres

Illustration and Graphic Design Student



Nature Walk

Hello! I've been working on this project over the past few weeks, and it has been a sheer delight!!!  I'm totally hooked and excited to work on them every day.  I've always loved illustration and working with patterns in fabric (quilting and such) and paper (I'm not a scrapbooker, but I do love the paper)!

I just started learning Adobe Illustrator a few weeks before I started this, so it's definitely been a learning experience trying to figure out the bugs in making my designs work as patterns... I may need to call out for help on the last few problems with the patterns I'm working on.

Binary Relationships/Itten's Contrasts

The binary relationships I decided to focus on ended up being animal oriented- 1) the Spider vs. the Butterfly, 2) Fox vs. Rabbit and 3) Night Owls vs. Early Birds. (I'm working towards becoming a children's illustrator, so I figured lots of animal stuff would be good for my portfolio.)

  1.  "The Spider vs. the Butterfly"

  • The spider pattern should have sharp contrasts, be darker with less bright colors, pointed corners and sharp strokes, and no rounded edges (this last one got lost with the shape of the spider web ending up being pretty rounded). I was going for more masculine and edgy with this one. Here's what I came up with for this pattern. I would love to have a quilt in this pattern!

  • For the butterfly pattern, I wanted to focus on lighter colors (which you can see did not quite happen as I focused on black and white for the designs and then a dark grey... but once I've put in bright colors I will be able to show the contrast better to the spider design). While this pattern is also very geometric, I used more rounded shapes-tear drops, circles, paisleys and decorative borders and dotted strokes. I think I would like to add more little designs, like tiny daisies or some other motif around in the dark grey negative space.  I like how this looks as a bandana, but also at a smaller scale for a quilt or some 70s-style linoleum tile.

Finished pattern pair:

         2.  "Night Owl vs. Early Bird"


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