Nature & Play

Nature & Play - student project

Nature & Play - image 1 - student project

On a sunny afternoon I sat in the park trying to get some inspiration. It took a while to warm up but eventualy I started the exercize. I really enjoyed the free and open part of brainstorming! And being outside

Nature & Play - image 2 - student project

Nature & Play - image 3 - student project


Nature & Play - image 4 - student project

In the next part I started to struggle real hard. I was getting frustrated, tired and kinda gave up.

Afterwards I found out it was because I was criticizing my work too hard and was'nt loose with my drawings.  

Nature & Play - image 5 - student project

So after a few hours I started again and I went with 2 options.

It took me a while to post these 2 because I'm not happy with what I made..And I'm very insecure about it

In the end I decided that I can't love everything I make and I should share it anyway. Because ..yeah .. face your fears right?! haha!

I DID LOVE the exercise and learned a lot from it! I will defenitly use it in the future. That's what matters ;) 


Thanks for the class and sharing it with the world!


Nature & Play - image 6 - student project

        Nature & Play - image 7 - student project