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Nature Journaling: Beginning a Daily Practice





Nature Journaling: Beginning a Daily Practice

In this class, you will learn:

* How to incorporate a daily nature journal practice into your life

* What tools you need to get started

* Benefits of nature journaling

* How to scout out a good location

* How specifically to do it

When you are done, you will easily be able to establish a daily practice of keeping a nature journal no matter your level of artistic skill or ability.

My name is Torina. I am from the woods of northern Minnesota in the United States. I spend time outside every day to rejuvenate my body and my mind. It is one very important tool that I use to stay centered, help alleviate my anxiety and depression, and feel a deeper connection to the natural world.

Anyone is able to keep a nature journal. It is a very accessible and inclusive hobby/practice. Nature journaling is a practice that meets you where you are at. If you are enabled by a wheelchair, limiting your access to green spaces, anything outdoors that grows or attracts bugs or animals can be used as your observation place. If you live in an urban area, parks, outdoor potted plants, stoop gardens, vacant lots, a tomato plant on your fire escape...just about anything can be accessed to make daily observations. Even in northern Minnesota, where the show Fargo depicts us having a barren snow covered wasteland for most of the year, one would be surprised at how many birds are singing, at the change in growth in seemingly dormant plants (I saw buds on trees in January when it was -30 degree Fahrenheit), and the incredible colors reflected in the snow.

If you can hold a writing instrument, you can do this. This is an activity that is centered on the process rather than the results.

Here is the link to my outline on Google Drive:


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