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Torina Stark

Writer, artist, naturalist



Nature Journaling: Beginning a Daily Practice

Here is a link to my introduction video:


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Class Title: Nature Journaling: Beginning a Daily Practice

Class Description: In this class, you will learn how to incorporate a daily nature journal practice in your life. You will learn what tools you need to get started, the benefits of nature journaling, where to do it, and how to do it. Where you are done, you will easily be able to establish a daily practice of nature journaling no matter what your skills or abilities are.

Introduction: Title slide, Talking Head, 1:15

* Who am I - Torina from Minnesota, artist, writer and business manager who loves and is inspired by nature.
* What students will learn - how to establish a daily nature practice, tools required, how to scout a good location for nature journaling
* The skill level required for completing this class - Anyone can do this at any skill level
* How the skills can be applied to multiple situations - rural or urban, any ability level
* By the end of this class, you will be able to assemble a few things to get start, find your journaling location, and settle in to a daily nature journaling practice


Tools Needed: Title slide, Talking head, slides listing supplies, pictures of examples, 4:00

* Something to write/draw with
* Something to write/draw on
* Something to sit on
* Something to hold your stuff


Location! Location! Location!: Title slide, Talking head, location shots and video of different places to do nature journaling, 5:00

Pick a spot that is:
- convenient
- accessible for your needs
- will suit you for at least an entire season
- is a place you can get to easily every day


Nuts and Bolts of Nature Journaling: Title slide, Talking head, examples of journal entries, 8:00

* Your time to observe nature whatever way you are comfortable with no hard and fast rules EXCEPT
* ANALOG! No electronics aloud!
* Choose what you want to do each day, it can be different or the same because IT IS UP TO YOU
* Notice your immediate area by zeroing in
* Map your general location
* Note what each of your senses is feeling
* Focus on something in particular each session
* Draw something each day


Schedule Time For Yourself: Title Slide, Talking head, 4:00

* Very important to take even 10 minutes each day to sit in your spot, watch, breath deep, listen, write, and sketch

Wrap Up & Class Project: Title Slide, Talking head, 3:00

Share a short description of your tools and nature journaling location. If you can, share a picture of your spot or a journal entry.


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