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Gabriel Teo

Academy of Media Arts



Nature-Inspired Creature Design

(View our awesome, rocking teaser for the series here!)

Thanks for joining our global launch of online workshops! The first workshop is entitled Nature Inspired Creature Design, and consists of 4 parts!

In Week 1, we explore Brick Bay, New Zealand, location scouting and brainstorming what kind of creature we want to create. We capture textures for the creature, take 360 panoramas of our environment to place the creature in, and 3D scan objects in the environment - all with our smartphones.

In Week 2, we learn how to create the creature in 3D using the industry-standard software ZBrush, and how to place it in the environment.

In Week 3, we texture, light, and render the creature to look photorealistic.

And finally, in Week 4, we composite Keyshot render passes and present the final render using Photoshop!

Find the basic class outline here, and the full workshop overview and details here!


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