Nature. Freewriting.

Nature. Freewriting. - student project

This pic is as good as it gets because I can't change it on my phone for some reason. I am writing in a rocking chair in my bedroom that looks out to our back deck and yard which is a wildlife reserve. I am always surrounded by wildlife and nature and I love it. Today I wrote about the free write exercise and my experience with this form of writing in general.  Although it was a free write I didn't write down observations of nature this time around.  Tomorrow when I try again, I will have this in mind. Today I wrote for ten minutes and filled 2.5 pages in a regular composition notebook. It was hard, because I was trying. Whenever I try to free write it's harder than when I just do it! I am working on this :) the left brainer in me takes over even though in a recent test I am more right-brained :) I found myself pausing to stretch my wrist and hand a lot too. And yes, I wrote about it ;) I look forward to what I learn about myself in tomorrow's session :)