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Nature Calls

I wanted to make a logo that told the story of summer. Nature Calls was a rallying cry about getting out into nature. It also had a silly double-meaning that led to the tagline "Let loose." I started sketching out the concept and landed on the sketch below.

I started digitizing with a simple outline.

I went back in and thickened up the letterforms and defined the shapes of the letters a little more.

I started to play with briging in other typography to help fill out the logo. I thought I might tilt the logoform to add some visual interest and let the flourishes be the baseline. But it was just awful.

So I brought in a little more type and straightened the baseline back out. I laid the content in a circle but didn't love the shape it was creating. It was just a really large and tall mark overall.

I went with more of a linear stacked version, which felt better and more concise to me. I started to roughen up the type and brought in some different textures.

Then I played with some different background images to help tell the story of summer.

And landed on an image that brought in camping and water because it subtley showed a human element and represented the idea of answering the call of nature.

Any feedback is welcome!


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