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Martha Dixon

50 Foot Woman Attacks!




I have a client that needs something a little more natural.

They are a yummy healthy food place. We don't have alot of those here in New Braunfels.

added some text..


First I tried to do the tactic of 4 points to create the curves in the line state, but that was looking funny. So I outlined it and then it worked. Glad I got this class just for that one tip!

All that stuff seems to cheesey and over done... so I tilted and simplified.

Changed the font...

I also tweaked the bird to fit the tips of the letters. I did a dolop like thing and it looked pushed. So I cleaned it all up to match. Maye too much.

then Roughen...

Then Vintagize! (fixed those wings a smidge too.)

Really appreciate the Textures!!! I have 20 million brushes, grunge effects, and images etc, but these still seemed to work better. I have actually read a few articles by Simon Walker and he always has great techniques to share (nice to see some video too).

I did do this for a client at the same time, they will not be into the grungy stuff, but the typography info was also super great. I have attempted this a couple of times on my own feeling lost and hoping I am doing it right - I know there is no right way, but following this I ended with a much better result.

Thanks! Look forward to more!


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