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Natural Ocurrences

Hello everyone!  I chose Summer and Winter as the two opposing forces for my patterns.

Here is my first pattern, SUMMER.

And the second one, WINTER.


The contrast lies in that summer is just a bunch of different dots together, while winter is a grid of snowflakes.  

 Summer has curves and is very fresh while winter is structured, geometric and has more negative space.

There are some white lines in the winter pattern because I used the "Outside-In" method and spent hours trying to fix it with no success. :(

 Here are the 3 colorways I came up with:

I decided that the dominant color in each pattern would be different so that the contrast between both becomes even stronger!

 I'm nearly done with my middle pattern which is going to be very simple. FALL!

 My three neutral colorways:

I think I didn´t understand well the concept of the "neutral" pattern, so I just went for a very simple one, since I think both Summer and Winter were a little intricate and full dots.

And here's how the collection ended up looking like:

I think I'm satisfied with how the collection turned out, but I can't say the same for the aprons.

Anyways, here they go:

Thanks for watching; any comments, criticism, or advice is welcome.

That's it!


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