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Natural Mystic


It's all about positive vibrations! No bad vibes here. The Natural Mystic wards off the evil eye and bad vibes and opens it self to good things. Wrapped up in mystics from the mountains, spiritual enlightenment, yogi's, healers and everything good, Natural Mystic is a celebration of spiritualness, positiveness and being at one with oneself.

This is love! Natural Mystic Morning!


Positive Vibrations Tee


This is the "One Tee" entry for the class project. the symbols include a hexagram which is a spiritiual icon found throughout the east representing femininity and masculinity, locked in an embrace of love and is also found in the heart Chakra. The hand represnts the hamsa and evil eye which wards away bad vibes and welcomes positive vibrations. The snake is a Naga, a diety and great spiritual being.

Below are some additional designs that would form a basis for extending the range.



Guruji Chakra Tee



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