Natural Make-Up

None of these are my photos, but yeah anyway when I take photos I don't really have a story in mind. I just go out and experience life and when I feel like something looks picture worthy I take the shot. I don't know how that would be defined in photographic terms. Organic maybe?

But yeah I don't like a lot of staging, but if it makes what is naturally there look better I can deal with it. Sorta like make-up. You don't want to look completely fake but you want to look close to perfect...flawless....whatever you want to call it.

If that makes sense.

But I feel like the 3rd photo really expresses what I'm trying to say. Because the story i'm getting from it is two friends were walking around campus with the cameras. Taking photos of the snow. One turned around and was like "Damn wait stop. This would make a good photo. Pose but don't pose"

Like that. 


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