Natural Luck

Natural Luck - student project

Titled this Natural Luck, because let's face it, you roll a one, you're saying something.

UPDATE: Added an outside stroke to the text, think it looks a lot better. Also exported CMYK instead of RGB

I was super stoked to take this class. I am a graphic designer at a sign shop. I also felt pretty good about myself that I use at least 6 of these techniques, but there's always something to learn.

Because of DKNG, and the halftone technique they were showing, figured I'd give it a shot. I cheated once, using a halftone filter for the drop shadow (but you could easily recreate using a blend with circles).

Funny story, hardest part of the assignments was finding a font/typeface that meshes with dice and engraving.

Natural Luck - image 1 - student project

Illustrator still doesn't export anything with overprint preview, but this graphic is only two color, black and red. My intention was to set it up for screen printing or a risograph

Justin Ache
Graphic Designer to the Stars!...err...people