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Natural Garden in blue & pink - by Tata Marino

Hi everyone.

Here is my moodboard for this new project. I am thinking of creating a pattern with natural things, like leaves, maples and viginia creeper... Maybe with some sparrows here and there. I would like to do something fresh and natural, that look a bit wild, to bring nature back to the concrete jungle. As if this wilderness garden was an inhabited place for a long time.

But to give a special ton of this future pattern, I do not want to use the common color palette of nature, like green and so on. I would like to bring some fantasy by using a blue & pink color palette.

I hope that I'll succeed. Thank you all in advance for your reviews. I hope you'll like it.


Here is my sketches.

I was in the garden, drawing everything I was looking at. Always keeping an eye on my moodboard.


I am now ready to show you what I've done. I first painted my grpahic elements. I chose really girly colors. I was very inspired with this color palette.


And Tataaaa ! here is the pattern with a name that I like to think about and a spot graphic.


and some mockups






When I see where it comes from and when I look at my drawings and duddles, I think drawings changed a lot. That's nice because I have the feeling that these little spot graphics and drawings feel better now than when they were in black and white just drawn on the paper. This is as if they were dressed to go to dance. :)

I think some things could be improved of course but I am quite happy with the result for now.

Thank you in advance for your feedbacks and sorry for my poor English



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