Natural Flow - Sustainable Menstrual Options

I'm the US Ambassador for Eco Femme (, and am now starting my own social enterprise (Natural Flow) to retail sustainable menstrual options and catalyze body empowerment.

Natural Flow aims to make cloth pads, reusable menstrual cups, and sea sponge tampons accessible to all who menstruate, while also shifting the conversation around menstruation and healthy body relationships via collaborating with existing intersections of gender & sustainability, as well as creating new spaces for dialogue and connection.

My 1st product: Eco Femme washable cloth pads, ethically made by women in Auroville, India. For every international sale, one pad is donated to a rural Indian woman through Eco Femme's menstrual education programs, Pad for Pad.

I just took my first HTML & CSS course (on Skillshare), so here's my practice website thus far (though it's getting a thorough makeover before launch!):

Some of what I definitely want to do involves javascript, and there's prob more out there I'll realize later (like during this course) would be a great fit for my site.  Also, I just want to understand existing sites more, including those I help maintain/update.  


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