Natural Flow - Sustainable Menstrual Options

Natural Flow - Sustainable Menstrual Options - student project

I'm the US Ambassador for Eco Femme (, and am now starting my own social enterprise (Natural Flow) to retail sustainable menstrual options and catalyze body empowerment.

Natural Flow aims to make cloth pads, reusable menstrual cups, and sea sponge tampons accessible to all who menstruate, while also shifting the conversation around menstruation and healthy body relationships via collaborating with existing intersections of gender & sustainability, as well as creating new spaces for dialogue and connection.

My 1st product: Eco Femme washable cloth pads, ethically made by women in Auroville, India. For every international sale, one pad is donated to a rural Indian woman through Eco Femme's menstrual education programs, Pad for Pad.

I just took my first HTML & CSS course (on Skillshare), so here's my practice website thus far: (The Landing Page is especially placeholder - hence this class!)


Update!  See my Landing Page Markup here:


Here's my copy so far:
(Note:  { }  =  will be a link on final site.)


Something like...

Natural Flow - Sustainable Menstrual Options - image 1 - student project

Maybe have as a break between text paragraphs:

Natural Flow - Sustainable Menstrual Options - image 2 - student project

or near the top of a page:

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Desired CTAs:

  • Sign up for Updates.
  • Shop.
  • Sign up for a Custom Consultation.
  • Be involved in the community (in person and/or online).
  • Contribute information/resource, suggest events/collaboration, and/or submit feedback.
  • Ask questions (potentially for blog post topics to cover).
  • Eventually:  Attend events  AND  Schedule a workshop or talk for your group/event.

Examples:Natural Flow - Sustainable Menstrual Options - image 4 - student project

Natural Flow - Sustainable Menstrual Options - image 5 - student project

Natural Flow - Sustainable Menstrual Options - image 6 - student project

(The above are button links.)


Fearures & Benefits:

At Natural Flow, we provide:

  • Personalized Service  –  From answering questions on our blog, to personal consultations and customized workshops, our goal is for every woman and person to have the information they need to make smart healthy decisions around menstruation (and beyond!) for their body, their life, and the world.

  • Accurate Information  –  We take pride in providing the most comprehensive and scientifically accurate information possible on all the sustainable menstrual options that exist, plus the effects of conventional practices, and related areas like green sex and healthy relationship to our bodies.  We’re always looking into the latest research, new ideas, and clever easy-to-do tips at the intersection of menstruation and sustainability, so you can find it all in one place.  Know something we should include?  Tell us {here}.

  • Community  –  Share your experiences and learn from those of others.  Whether through in-person events & online discussions with Natural Flow, or just casually among your friends, you can be part of the shifting conversation around menstruation and join the growing movement of PWM* and all people who are making the connections between health, the environment, social wellbeing, and our bodies.  The personal is universal, and we’re all in this life together.

  • Reliable Products  –  Natural Flow carries products we believe in – from knowing their stories to how they fit into our lives.  Quality made (lasting 5 or 10+ years!), best practices in sustainability, integration into community (from schools in rural India, to organizations in the Bay Area), and care for all involved and every part of the process.  For example, we’re becoming {B-Corp certified} to legally make our bottom line not just about profit, but even more so about people and planet.  We truly care about doing the most good in the world that we possibly can – from satisfied customers to happy workers, and healthy ecosystems to thriving local & global communities.

    Read more about {Natural Flow’s Values}.

    Learn more about all our {sustainability initiatives} (environmental & social).


Save over $250 in 5 years by switching from disposable to reusable menstrual options!


Credibility & Social Proof:

I'll be working to collect testimonials, product reviews, and the like once I start really doing outreach and sales (want to have at least the backbone basic website up first).  I'll even have survey links easily accessible throughout the site.

I'm working towards becoming a B-Corp, as well as being Green America certified, which will help with credibility for my target market.  I’m open to other such 3rd-party certifications…


Risk Reversal:

I'm not exactly sure what to do here.  Health-wise, I can't really take products back.  I'd love to offer emotional risk reversal (which maybe I did a little of in the "Reliable Products" bullet above?

Also, I can say something to the effect of:

"Women have been using cloth and other reusable/sustainable materials to absorb menstrual blood for 1000s of years.  Women all over the world are switching to modern sustainable menstrual options for, among many other reasons, the significant health benefits of reducing exposure to harsh, toxic chemicals like bleach and dioxins, as well as better supporting the vagina's natural environment."



I sorta addressed this idea via my buttons above...

However, I could have a separate FAQ page, and then rotating snippets (or the most common) appear on my Landing Page, like off to the side or at the bottom.  I'm just worried that any such FAQ would be so broad to cover every aspect of my site!  I guess I'll just have to organize by category...


General Thoughts:

There's so much information and different kind of pages on my site, that I'm not sure exactly what to put on my Landing Page or not.  For example, I didn't mention any specifics on the benefits of sustainable menstrual options until my brief risk reversal paragraph where I just give the slightest more detail on health risks of conventional options.  I'm really saving all those specifics for in-depth coverage on other pages.  Is this ok?  Should I present this fact differently?