Natural Flow - Sustainable Menstrual Options

Natural Flow - Sustainable Menstrual Options - student project

I'm the US Ambassador for Eco Femme (, and am now starting my own social enterprise (Natural Flow) to retail sustainable menstrual options and catalyze body empowerment.

Natural Flow aims to make cloth pads, reusable menstrual cups, and sea sponge tampons accessible to all who menstruate, while also shifting the conversation around menstruation and healthy body relationships via collaborating with existing intersections of gender & sustainability, as well as creating new spaces for dialogue and connection.

My 1st product: Eco Femme washable cloth pads, ethically made by women in Auroville, India. For every international sale, one pad is donated to a rural Indian woman through Eco Femme's menstrual education programs, Pad for Pad.

I’m currently making a website to convey the values grounding my work, provide accurate and useful information & resources, connect & foster related community, highlight the Eco Femme story, sell products, publicize events, and collect information on desired/suggested directions or improvements.

Here's my Lean Canvas:

Natural Flow - Sustainable Menstrual Options - image 1 - student project
Natural Flow - Sustainable Menstrual Options - image 2 - student project

View my in-progress website here:


*** Updated Feb 7th!  Here is my current thinking on defining my MVP: ***

Initial MVP Outline

  • Custom Consultations
    • Must be:  clear, simple, value-full
    • Purchase ahead of time – never expires.
    • $50 – can be applied to merchandise purchases during the consult.
    • 24hr cancelation policy for set dates (if <24 hours, you will be charged a ½ fee, with the remaining usable as credit towards a future consultation).
  • Products
    • Pads
      • Eco Femme
        • Day Pad
        • Night Pad
        • Pantyliner (3-Pack)
    • Cups
      • DivaCup
        • Size 1
        • Size 2
    • Other
      • Eco Femme Pouches
    • Kits
      • Pads – Basic
        • 3 Day Pads
        • 1 Night Pad
      • Pads – Full \Better Name Needed!/
        • 4 Day Pads
        • 2 Night Pads
        • 3 Pantyliners
      • Cup & Pads
        • 3 Pantyliners
        • 1 DivaCup (either size)

  • Website Features / Content
    • Shop
      • Categorized Listing
      • Individual Product Pages
      • Able to Purchase Products
        • MVP: PayPal
      • Related Items displayed at bottom – not needed for MVP
    • About Natural Flow
      • Overview
      • Values
      • About Kimberley
    • About Sustainable Menstrual Options
      • \Better Title Needed/ - catchy & short for Landing Page
      • Buttons? For specific content sections – not needed for MVP
      • Special Eco Femme Page
        • Mention “Pad for Pad”
    • Contact
      • Basic Form set up
    • Resources
      • Basic Resource List
        • For MVP, say: “We’re in the compilation and categorization stage, so check back in mid-2013 for our Resources release!  If you would like to make sure we include a resource – suggest it [here].”
      • Ability to Suggest new Resources!
        • Possibly just via email for MVP
  • Events
    • Start Attending existing events
      • Earth Day!!!
      • Purchase tables at select relevant events?
    • Host a few 1-time events.
    • Later: See about any regular partnerships or offerings that make sense.