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Natural Fantasy

Hi everyone, my name is Amanda!  Quick little bit about me - I graduated this past May with a BA in Graphic Design Communications.  After graduation I jumped right into the first job that would take me - a small ad agency near Boston, MA. This August was my first for as long as I can remember (literally) that I have not had that dreaded sense of awareness that school is approaching  ..and I have to say I miss it!  I ACTUALLY MISS CLASSES!  I miss creating projects that I want to create and that I am proud to create based on a broad promt rather that a strict branding manual.  I miss being EXCITED about design!!

Thank god for this inspiring and talented skillshare community that I have found.  This is my first skillshare project and I am so excited to complete as many as possible in hopes of expanding my portfolio and exploring my talent ..hopefully resulting in the next step to that fulfilling career I've dreamed of!

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My moodboard is mostly inspired by the patterns and elements in this tutorial. I felt flowers and colorful objects of nature would provide for some cool organic shapes and a diverse color pallet that would provide flexibility for my first pattern design.  Most of this inspiration was found on pinterest and as well as various blogs.


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Here is the beginning of my sketches.  I plan to do a bit more sketching before I start to vecotrize my pattern elements... eventhough I am super excited to see what I can do with my tablet - I've never used it for design purposes before!


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a few more pages from my sketchbook


• • • • • • • • •

Some rough vectorized elements from inkpad.  Still searching for a more unique personal style but I think that will come easier to me as I continue to create more and more patterns.  For now im just excited to see how this one turns out!


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My pattern so far! - still want to fix some imperfections and maybe work on color a bit more.



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