Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters - student project
  • A few sentences about how you selected your theme/thread

As I sat in meditation, I noticed water boiling in the kitchen. Before I started this class, I had cried and I always see tears as a cleansing for the soul. I also always loved swimming and being at the seaside, so my chosen theme is water. As life, and the whole universe, water is fluid and always in motion. As my thread I chose letting go of sorrow and loss and moving through life, trying to conquor the troubles of everyday life because those are very important topics for me, which I try to understand and master more every day.


  • A list of at least 15 “small noticings”

instead of using violence you can throw water at a person to show them your anger

the cleansing properties of water and seasalt

individual drops can make a seemingly infinite body of water

(nearly) every living organism needs water to survive and grow

water can be both nurturing or destructive, depending on the weather or impact

water is the middle part of the spectrum between steam and ice (and is part of a cycle)

when you come near clouds, they seems to disappear, whereas looking at them from the earths surface, they look enormous

the access of heat and emotional distress is vented by our bodies through sweat and tears

some people find tranquility in ocean sounds, others need to pee

you can take a mindfull shower by imagining washing away all of your negative thoughts

life comes with ups and downs, just like waves

water can show us our reflection if it is still enough

in water, our bodies become vulnerable, trying to absorb and adapt to the element

water becomes quicksand when you panic and don't know how to swim

water supports us, as long as it doesn't enter our lungs


  • A list of at least 3 literary tools you used 

enjambent; I'm not very good at it, but I love arraging each line for spoken word

alliterations; didn't use a lot of them, but I love how words merge and flow by using this method

repetition; to illustrate the repetition of waves

direct rhyme; because it's the smoothest (and easiest) way to build a poem

internal rhyme; because you can't always use direct rhyme



  • A note about why you will (or will not) take Poetry II: Creating a Book of Poems

I had a friend who was really into poetry and he inspired me to get back into writing, so creating a body of work seems very interesting. I really enjoyed the first class so I'll be back for part two!


  • Your 5 best poems



I was born blind

Put on a conveyerbelt that destroyed my mind

So I walked into the ocean

Drowning my sorrows in salt

Gave in to the water

And it healed my spasming heart

At first

I felt like falling apart

From drowning to flying

In a split second

Feeling dead and alive

At the same time

Here is where I find myself



21st Century Crisis

endless and blue like me

stuck between arriving and leaving

surfing the waves of thought

my mind is weaving

webs of confusion 

and I keep disbelieving

this sea is grieving

over mass extinction

global warming

a joke to the jokers

a sorrow to the thought provokers

and so we cry

and we contribute

and we sigh

our last sigh

and ask ourselves why

it is we let Earth die



Universal Wisdom

Washed upon the shore of my consciousness

Wondering why the waves took me back

While all I ever loved to do was swim

To surrender and be with him



humming as sirens sing

But now that I’m here

I better start to see

That the water carries me home

And the land must be my destiny




Bathing in bliss

Of the mind that is clear

And the heart that feels no fear

At peace with the unknown

maybe final


I’m floating every day

like it’s a lifelong vacation




Once again

some tears were shed

and gravity keeps me glued to my bed

when you last shut the door

I shed some more

the thought of you leaving

makes my heart poor

so I pour it out for you

puzzle my mind back together

for you

cause I'll always be blue

and I love you, always do