Natural Autumn

Natural Autumn - student project

Inspired by the current season and the great outdoors, I attempted to illustrate the beautiful and natural elements of fall. I ended up keeping a simple style of illustration, without adding too many details. I wanted to keep this pattern simple yet fun to look at.

The mood board I created really helped inspire me and kept me focused on the types of elements I drew.

Natural Autumn - image 1 - student project

I sketched quite a bit before coming up with elements I thought could be interesting.

Natural Autumn - image 2 - student project Natural Autumn - image 3 - student project Natural Autumn - image 4 - student project








Here is the final pattern, in two color moods (light and dark):

Natural Autumn - image 5 - student project

Natural Autumn - image 6 - student project

Natural Autumn - image 7 - student project


Natural Autumn - image 8 - student project


Thank you Elizabeth for this great course! I learned so much and can't wait to keep practicing!