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Native tongue Exclusives


Brand: Native tongue Exclusives

Slogan: Stay Fresh! / Keeping neighborhoods Sucka Free!

Native Tongue Exclusives is a clothing line, but more then that its a communication medium that brings forth creativity and individualism in a communal context. We as people belong to different social groups and races; and through time we have developed different dialects to communicate with each other,and that is what Native Tongue Exclusives is. Its a form of communication among peers of not a race or region, but of a common love for hip hop and a common love for all things that are "you". Native tongue Exclusives is an unsettling and never ending thirst to express oneself. It's Hip Hop.

  In 2006 i was this die Hard sneaker freak living in mimai and feeling i dont have access to what i see on blogs and in NY when visiting. So i wanted to open a sneaker store. My model? Reed Space. We needed a name and a concept for the whole thing. Sneaker names are on the tongue of th eshoe and when i would speak sneakers to people who werent into the culture it sounded as if i was speaking creol, my native langue. A foreign tongue. What natives of an area speak, and the name Native Tongue came to mind, added an Exvlusives and that was that. After planing and lookin gfor a space to rent i decided to drop the projeect and move to Haiti to work as a designer. Life was catching up fast and needed to get to work. Rat Race!!! But the dreamed remained but took the shape of a clothing line. I wanted an idea behind the line, this is what i came up with:

Mission Statement:

To create clothing that are of good quality and express who we are, what we believe in and what we love. Designing clothing that reflect the culture we live by and bring a nostalgic feel to our garments.


Xavier Delatour








Designed this camo





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