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National Parks Ad

I chose this ad because of the illustrative look-- I love texture in drawings! I am working with AI CS3 (you can see its been awhile since I worked in Illustrator!). I think I have to update my program because the shortcuts are different and I don't think I have a "bleed" option! I learned Illustrator and Photoshop on the job back in 1993 when our ad agency embraced digital design, but then left the workplace to raise my kids and dabbled in freelance work. Now I want to really learn the program and was thrilled to find Skillshare.

Part 2:  I downloaded AI CS6 and have put together the basic shapes in the poster. I don't know how to do the gradient texture of the trees or the rest yet, so this is not finished! I do like the variety of brush styles to create the textured lines. I just noticed when I saved this as a gif, that the lines look a little smoother than I wanted. I wish I could create more of a crayon feel with the lines (wonder if that's possible?).

Part 3: Played with gradients and added text. I could've made the text match exactly but didn't want to spend that much time on it. I already created this from two different fonts. I hope in the last lessons I can learn more about adding texture to this.

Part 4: I applied the texture to different objects using clipping masks. It was a long process and I couldn't apply it to the lines in the trees, so it really didn't turn out like the original. I think maybe the texture should have been negative space instead of a color... something to look into on a future project. I did learn a lot about manipulating shapes in Illustrator by doing this!


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