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Karen Willmore

Digital Ninja



National Park Badges


I had a few different ideas for a badge series, but I ended up choosing the U.S. National Parks. I travel full-time and have set a goal to visit (and photograph) all of the parks. I knew that I could eventually use the badges in blog posts and things like that. 


In my initial sketches, I spent a lot of time deciding on a badge shape, and then started sketching out some of the elements of the first badges I would try. 

Color palette:

This palette was chosen because it encompasses many of the colors you'd find in nature, and I liked that it has a few different shades of blue, brown, etc, so that I could use those to add shadows and dimension. 

First Badges:


Made some refinements to my icons. As Dominic suggested (and I totally agree), I removed the half-tone look that wasn't helping as the icons are so small, added more contrast in some areas and enlarged a few things. I still may take some of those adjustments further. I'm not sure yet. 


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