National Park - 3 Edits

National Park - 3 Edits - student project

Took an afternoon stroll through the national park and stumbled across some beautiful greenery.

Nikon D5300
Manual Mode
50mm Prime lens
ISO 160
f 1.8
Instagram: @mitch_steed


You can see some shadows, but the image lacks a little depth for what I was aiming for.

National Park - 3 Edits - image 1 - student project
First edit:

I decided to decrease exposure in the corners using the graduated tool. I also used the brush tool to accentuate some highlights in the top corners. The greens weren't popping enough so I boosted the saturation to add more drama.

National Park - 3 Edits - image 2 - student project
Second Edit:

Decided to go for a high contrast black and white film edit. I used the flat B&W preset then increased the shadows and dropped on some film grain.

National Park - 3 Edits - image 3 - student project
Third Edit:

This time I wanted to play with vivid colours and change the leaves to something almost alien like. I jumped into the calibration and played around with the greens, then moved into HSL and moved the oranges and yellows right down by -100 in hue and moved saturation in orange up +66 and yellow down -7. I noticed when doing this that any leaves in extreme shadow had a desaturated look, so I moved the blacks down a little so it created a black and red contrast.

National Park - 3 Edits - image 4 - student project
Overall I like the 3 edits and I'm really pleased with how easily your lessons translate into practical application. I'm super novice in DSLR photography and Lightroom, yet I feel like your lessons have quickly boosted my skillset in a very short time, super stoked :-)  

Thanks heaps! looking forward to more!

Mitch Steed
Casual creative exploring photography