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National Hockey League

Posted a bit out of order to begin with, but I have been progressing and then revising what I had been working toward.  Think I have a better grip of where I want to take this and how to use the resources I have to create a pretty stellar result.  Fingers crossed.  Adding my word bank of relevant topics.  Finishing another lettering warm up to help pull  the t shirt idea together.

Starting off this project as part of a skill building for my professional career, I decided to keep it relevant to my full time gig as part of the Sports Licensed Divison of the adidas group and choose the simple phrase "National Hockey League."  I do alot of doodling in my free time anyhow, but taking the time to slow down and perfect lettering is probably my biggest obstacle to overcome.  A work in progress, but definitely progressing.

Inspiration images:

Another go of it, more sketches more on par with the scope of defined choices of this project.  More historical and calligraphic versions than before.

Starting to actually get these sketched up and get the grids set.


I did pages of sketches, but resorted back to one of the earlier ones I did on this page I have illustrated above.  I liked the incorporation of the puck shape.  Moving to get the type to be more vintage I added small serifs and allowed the intersections to creep in as though over time those crisp corners had began to fail.  I'm happy with my first final, but think I might try some tracing paper over it to play with the idea of added a few more elements. 

Any other suggestions to help 'finish' this almost final version?

After completing this project, I have realized how even more important it is to have either a protractor or compass to get smooth curves and create letters at the same height.  I didn't have either for this project (which is obvious), but considering the lack of tools, I'm pretty satisfied with the final result and will surely be using these skills in future projects.


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