Nation Ruckus

Nation Ruckus

Updated Dec, 13th 2012

Nation Ruckus is an alternative hip-hop group from Montreal, Canada. Mixing live instrumentation along with eclectic influences, the group has built a unique blend of clever rhymes and hard-hitting grooves. Their unique take on classic beats, with inspirations ranging from Beastie Boys, The Roots, and Outkast, brings an old school flavor back on the scene.

In the last two years, the group has released several singles, 5 official videos, 1 mixtape and most recently a first full-lenght album entitled "Boombox Manifesto" released in stores across Canada and online. The group has built great music material as well as solid visuals and branding. It is also known for its dynamic lives performances.

However, suffering from the lack of media support in their home province of Quebec, the group hasn't built a following strong enough to sustain sufficient album sales and touring to make it a living. The group now needs to explore new ways of promoting itself.


-Hobbyist: TONY P


-Emerging act: SON REAL

-Indie Musician: CLASSIFIED


-Legacy Performer: THE ROOTS


-Age: 22

-Location: Montreal

-Occupation: student, part-time worker

-Hobbies: sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding

-Favorite music: hip-hop, rock

-Favorite NR song: Victory

-What he loves about NR: Big sounding beats and tight rhymes. Songs that have a winner attitude and represent proudly the city of Montreal with an international appeal and outlook.

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