Natalia's infulence map

Hi! Well i have to admit that was hard for me to choose only 9 

Sailor Moon, was my childhood anime, always loved their outfits and the related story beyond the planets and the moon.

Rurouni Kenshin loved their openings and endings music, also i always laugh when they start to appear those chibi moments, when someone was getting mad, etc

Charlie Brown i think all the situations are wonderful.

As told by ginger was a cartoon from nickelodeon, and was for me the most alike on situations of reality ,but in a lovely way, that i could identify.

Gigi i only had a movie from her, but was my favorite,

The triplets was my morning cartoon , and loved how they discover known stories with adventures.

Meeko- i love that racoon

Harry potter  is my favorite books series

And the last i have to mention spiderman from the  90’s , that cartoon introduce me comics



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