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Nathaniel Hawks

makes music as Padna




LESSON 3: STill playing catch-up... can only really get to this stuff on the weekend... 

Thinking about creating images for my VaughnWilliams cd-skip music, came up with this using audacity...

next, i'm working on an audio release of left-overs from a recently released album, so thought maybe i'd manipulate the covert art in audacity for possibly both cover art and for an audio track of that art, so i focused on the sounds first.  came up with...


Hi!  Sorry I'm so late getting started... was out of town without a laptop!  Trying to catch up today.  Just started playing around with a jpg in textedit and having a blast.

I make music as Padna, and recently finished recording a piece made entirely of cd skip loops from a Ralph Vaughn Williams (classical music) track.  One of the specific projects I'd like to get done through this class is creating some album art for it.  I was trying to not demolish the image too quickly as I wanted to retain a semblance of what it started as.

I tried messing with a tiff and it kept not wanting to work.

Super fun!

YEH!  first gif done!!!


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