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I am so proud to be from Nashville! And I am excited to explore "Nashville" with hand lettering!

Nashville is interesting because it feels like it is becoming an "it" city, but it also has so much history with country music.  It seems almost wrong not to pay homage to that in some way, but I don't want it to be the main theme of my piece.

I'm looking for inspiration mostly in old records and painted brick walls.  It seems like the right way to go new playing homage to the old.

Looking forward to start working on this piece!


I have started a pinterest board which you can see here:

But here are a few pics to give you an idea.


So, I've done a little sketching.  I tried some different baselines and different styles of lettering.  There were a couple that I thought were interesting, but I couldn't figure out which one to go with, so I let my husband choose :)  He chose the one on the top left side, with the curved base line.  This is not one of the ones I was thinking about moving forward with...I was leaning more towards a script style.  But it was fun to have him pick one that is more out of my comfort zone.  It will push and challenge me, which is the whole point of these classes right?


So this was my first attempt...There is a lot I want to change, but I am glad I I started here so I can start to see what needs to be done.

On the bottom I tested out a swash cross bar to add a little interest.  I think I'll try it out with tracing paper once I get the letters more fleshed out.


So here is the next version...I think I am happier with it.  I am thinking about adding a shadow and some decoration to the inside.  I think doing the swash crossbars might not look so good with the thicker lettering.  What do you think?



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